Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ok, so I'm a little rusty at the fashion photography thing, even though that's what I studied in school. I have been dabbling lately with a few fashion driven projects, and wanted to share the results from my latest photo shoot. I have had the opportunity to photograph many of the artists that have worked with my husband on their music records, and Amirah was a special treat. Not only is she stunning, but her new single "Katakanlah" is powerful stuff! Although it is a Malaysian song, it transcends all cultures and its epic sound can be appreciated by everyone. I urge everyone to listen, go to www.amirahali.com (Makeup and hair by the lovely Carley Martin)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Triangle of Death" war documentary

My friend, the very talented Thomas Hartmann of "Blink Of An Eye Productions," worked on this war documentary and organized a film premiere recently in Naperville, IL. The film follows a company of reserve Marines as they tell the story of their tour of duty in Iraq during the 1st national Iraqi election in 2004-05. I tagged along to photograph the event and lend my support. I think the turnout was great, there were both laughter and tears as everyone watched the movie, overall a terrific evening. The mayor of Naperville was there, and the event was sponsored by Operation Support Our Troops (www.osotil.org) If you have the chance, check out "The Triangle of Death"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photo session with auntie Bethany

I got to spend some time with my adorable niece this weekend, and of course the camera came out. She provided plenty of smiles, and even put up with a couple of wardrobe changes. Abby and AJ are the ultimate doting parents, but who wouldn't love such a cutie? It's great to be an aunt, capturing her funny expressions and great character, now and for many years to come. Here are my favorites of the little "biscuit."

Fresh out of bed with rockstar hair

You can make any face you want when you're this cute
Is that a baby, or the incredible hulk?

Baby Jackie O

I couldn't help being extra playful with this one!

Snow fun...

Love you Molly!
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