Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photo session with auntie Bethany

I got to spend some time with my adorable niece this weekend, and of course the camera came out. She provided plenty of smiles, and even put up with a couple of wardrobe changes. Abby and AJ are the ultimate doting parents, but who wouldn't love such a cutie? It's great to be an aunt, capturing her funny expressions and great character, now and for many years to come. Here are my favorites of the little "biscuit."

Fresh out of bed with rockstar hair

You can make any face you want when you're this cute
Is that a baby, or the incredible hulk?

Baby Jackie O

I couldn't help being extra playful with this one!

Snow fun...

Love you Molly!

1 comment:

  1. OMG BETHANY you really really excel at children's photos.. her eyes look amazing.. great job.. my favorite (all though I love them all) is her look ing out the window.. the profile shot and the one after the crazy "Hulk" pic.


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