Thursday, March 11, 2010

I *Heart* Lulu Mae

To all the ladies out there, the 2010 Fall lineup for Love, Lulu Mae is in! We just photographed some of the new pieces, and wow! They are gorgeous. I love all the new art-cessories, I really love photographing them, and certainly love wearing them. For this photo shoot we welcomed a brand new model to the Lulu Mae team, the lovely Jessica Zweig. She is the amazingly awesome co-founder of Cheeky Chicago, and big fan of Love, Lulu Mae (aren't we all?). She, and the always fabulous Dina DiCostanzo, showed off the new pieces (all the brainchild of Agnes Miles). With the onset of warmer days, let's all accessorize and tear up the town. We love you Lulu Mae!

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