Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I like weddings...

....if you like ...vintage, bike riding, retro, hippies, live music, candlelight, fresh herbs, black and white photos, yard sale cameras, thrift stores, organic, documentaries, world travel, good wine, microbrews, sunsets, colorful socks, literature, fireplaces, espresso, soy milk, passion, sleep, beaches, mountains, farms, late night dinners, throw rugs, cats purring, breakfast in bed, open windows, natural, heirloom tomatoes, manchego cheese, guitars, ipods, haircolor, scarves, brooches, train rides, polaroids, stationary, laughter, lanterns, antiques, romance....

If you are getting married and are interested in having me photograph the moments, look me up and perhaps we can meet for a drink and a chat.


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