Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet baby Norah

This last month has been busy, with the kick off of wedding season and lot's of portrait sessions. Usually I am knee deep in engagement photo shoots, but recently my photo subjects have been itsy bitsy. It's baby madness! And I am smitten with all these cuties.
Norah is my recent favorite, with her beautiful long eyelashes and sweet smiles. She is the definition of adorable, and I would be remiss not to share some of my favorites from our recent portrait session. Isn't she a pumpkin?

How cute is this monogram?

She was very excited when daddy got home.

Mommy keeps the smiles coming.

We even got the whole family in one photo (there may have been treats involved).

Norah loves her puppy.

Norah was getting tired from her photo shoot and needed a hug from mommy.

And then a well-deserved snack.

Thanks Norah for sharing your snacks with me!

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