Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"I want to hold your hand," Liana+Andrew

From the save the date cards with Beatles lyrics, to the LP's as centerpieces, this wedding was all love, rock and roll. Liana and Andrew are a well written love song, cute and sincere, funny and laid back, intense and poetic. They look at each other with a deep connection, a conviction of love that will stand the test of time. And they are totally hip! I love that Liana added purple buttons to her dress, wore Fluevog shoes, and Andrew brewed his own beer for the party (including a delicious gluten free beer for the Mrs.). The ceremony was held at the picturesque Promontory Point in Hyde Park, and the reception was in an outdoor courtyard of the University of Chicago- so cool! They are a wonderful couple, their friends and family are truly lucky. Congrats you two!

The first look...

Walking together to the ceremony.

Wedding high fives!

The rings were passed around the room on a pillow as a ring-warming ceremony, everyone was invited to touch the rings and give a blessing.

We found hearts painted on the rocks in the spot we chose for photos, how cool!

Hyde Park graffiti...

The reception started off with some Rock Band competition.

Congratulations Liana and Andrew!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby in a basket

Some more fun shots of River. It isn't easy to come up with clever ways to photograph babies, you have to make sure they will be safe from falling, and comfortable. Anne Geddes makes it look so easy! We had a couple of ideas, but due to time constraints we only tried this one... baby in a basket.

River Aiden gets a bath

Meet my new nephew, River Aiden. At just over 6 pounds, he weighs less than my camera. He is just as perfect as my niece Molly, and I am loving being an aunt to this little guy. While visiting, I got a few smiles for my lullaby rendition of "livin on a prayer" (I am convinced he is an all star drummer in the making). My sister Krista gave him a quick bath in the kitchen sink (his second because he is only 3 weeks old), while I snapped some pics. Isn't he precious?

This is definitely my favorite.

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