Friday, November 19, 2010

Rachel & Jeremy are engaged!

Do I love love, and people in love? Yep and yep! These two are perfect- we met up at the Evanston Art center for photos on a beautiful day at twilight. I absolutely love their style, and their chemistry- wow! It was easy working with them, they seemed so natural in front of the lens, they knew when to embrace and Rachel knew exactly when to flash those awesome blue eyes right at me. Gorgeous! I had a blast with all of their ideas, from strolling along the beach, to riding bikes, rushing at a pile of leaves.... we even stumbled on to some appropriate graffiti. I am super excited about these photos and very happy to get to know these two, it was really difficult narrowing down my favorites! Thanks again Rachel and Jeremy for being so awesome, your wedding at Salvage One next year is going to be a blast!

Look at those eyes!


Bicycles+engagement photos= happiness.


Absolutely in love with this shot:

Congrats you two!


  1. Wow, so so cute! I <3 sunflares and couples in love :)

  2. The most beautiful couple in Chicago! Thank you Bethany for capturing them and sharing with the world!


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