Friday, November 5, 2010

Susan and Doug's wedding on the shore

Have I mentioned lately that I love being a wedding photographer? This wedding was one of those days where I am reminded just how much I love what I do. Susan and Doug are not only a wonderful couple, but their wedding day had such an outpouring of special moments that it was a serious challenge to capture it all. They chose a unique location for their wedding, a boathouse in Barrington (they went sailing on their first date). Friends and family gathered for a touching ceremony full of laughs and tears, their son Ray sat nearby in his adorable little suit. The readings were just as beautiful as the backdrop, a blue sky over crystal clear water. And then the western swing band took the stage and the party really began! It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wedding, to be a first hand witness of two people so in love. Stay tuned for an incredible video of this day by Jeremy Bircher of 3 line 9.

The groom prepared the Unity candle.

Friends and family were working hard to get everything ready for the wedding.

It was not easy taking close ups of this cake, it smelled so good!

The groom and best man got their suits ready.

The groom attempted to memorize his vows.

The maid of honor gathered up the dress as we headed to the boathouse.

I was so excited that Susan opted to get dressed in the boathouse, it was such a unique backdrop.

The mermaid and the bride check each other out.

The girls helped Ray into his mini tux.

Little Ray teethed on some toys while his mom and dad exchanged vows.

Doug had a great idea to take one giant group photo before the guests walked back to the reception, so I climbed up a ladder, cranked up the aperture, and presto!

We got little Ray in on a few family photos before his nap.

The Western Elstons kept the dance floor rockin' with great rockabilly and swing music, they were awesome!

An awesome night shot created with Jeremy's help.

Congrats Susan and Doug, thank you for letting me be a part of your fabulous wedding!

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