Monday, January 31, 2011

Marriage Mondays- Parents!

Although I did not post last Monday due to being with family on the East Coast, today is extra special. Not only would I like to recognize my wonderful parents, but I would also like to wish them the happiest of anniversaries- 40 years today! I feel blessed to have parents that love me and my siblings dearly, but also still have a great love for each other. They were high school sweethearts, my mom fell for his surfer hair cut and corny jokes (all of which still make my mom giggle), and he fell for her good looks and great cooking (she makes some mean enchiladas). They depend on each other, support each other, and love one another unconditionally. From their high school prom, to seeing their own children graduate college, marry, and have children, they have a bond that can not be broken. Being a wedding photographer I have the privilege of seeing couples at the beginning of their journey together, but it is extra special to see couples like my parents stand the test of time. 40 years of marriage, 14,600 days, 350,400 hours together, wow! I love you both so much, and couldn't ask for better parents!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prohibition love- a 1920's themed wedding for Pamela & David

Love does not obey the rules of times or abide within it's constraints. Sometimes it swoops in like a mighty wind, and sometimes it lingers like a gentle breeze. Pamela and David tied the knot on the 20 year anniversary of their first date, sealing many years of love and commitment with a ring and a kiss. Not only did I have the joy of photographing this vintage-inspired day, but what a privilege to document a family wedding. I was so excited to join my aunt and uncle in California for their celebration, a day full of all my favorite ingredients: love (most importantly), family, and style- a room full of 1920's inspired decor straight out of a Boardwalk Empire episode. I was in heaven! I can only hope my camera does this wedding justice, capturing the wonderful moments shared with my aunt and uncle as they became man and wife.

Pam rocked the finger curls.

My cousin's daughter Evie was the cutest flower girl ever!

The girls got ready at the adorable Tressart salon.

Even grandma wore a fantastic headband.

The hairdresser Anita gave Uncle David and Dad the full pomade treatment.

The rain didn't stop us from grabbing a few photos under the Fox Theater marque.

My dad walked his sister down the aisle.

Grandma and the girls.

Me and my dad.

Pamela was the ultimate DIY bride (with help from her mom and daughter), creating all of the 1920's era details by hand.

Ring shot on the Victrola.

The speeches brought great reactions as the microphone was passed around the room.

My grandmother cranked the antique Victrola for the first dance (given to my great-grandmother as a wedding present), how cool is that?

Dance instructors from Fresno Swing Dance taught everyone how to do the charleston.

Evie gave some dance lessons of her own...

The guests had a great time posing for photos.

Congrats Pam and David- love you!
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