Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fantastic Fur

When my friend Laura moved to Beaver Island, MI a few months ago, I was really excited for her. How many of us have dreamed of living remotely, eating vegetables grown in our own garden, fresh eggs from our very own hens, and coming home to a log cabin and curling up in front of a fire? The list of pros outweighs the cons when living a self sufficient lifestyle, and these days we can feel less removed with the internet keeping us all connected. Although I am not running away from the city just yet to embrace my inner Jeremiah Johnson, she and her boyfriend (a rekindled romance from many years ago) are staying busy with several projects including their fur business. Beaver island has a fairly large population of beaver and coyote, and Mark traps both to regulate the population (if the population is low, he doesn't trap) and to create beautiful fur hats and accessories. He is very good about using everything he can, very much living off the land. I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their products. Not only are the results "va-va-voom!" but I think the photos will give their business a wonderful facelift, worthy of a spread in Vogue magazine (I can totally see Kate Moss rockin' out one of these fantastic fox hats). We had a great time with this fashion shoot, Alice Hanson and Christin Boulette Dorton were gorgeous models, and Carley Martin did her usual amazing job on hair and makeup. (Thanks to Steve Green for lending us his loft apartment for the photo shoot) I wish Laura and Mark the best of luck as they expand their business, and I can't wait to see how these photos look on their new website. Here are some of my favorite beautys:

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  1. Beautiful hats and accessories! I saw these when I was up on the Island this past summer. They were just gorgeous and very well made! Wonderful photos!


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