Monday, January 10, 2011

Marriage Mondays- Our 4 legged companions

I think it's fair to say that many of us have the same compassion and dedication towards our pets as we do our other family members and even our significant others. They provide companionship and and unconditional love (as long as you feed them and take care of them), and continually do things that melt our hearts. We put up with walks in below zero temperatures, clean up messes, overcome tragedies like teeth marks in our favorite pair of Fluevogs, all because we can't help but love these little fur balls. There really is nothing like a cat curled up in your lap purring away, or a dog curled up around your feet. For some reason we aren't satisfied with a household built for two upright humans, but instead invite these domesticated creatures into our lives to share our spaces, food, and attention. There is no doubt that they can be a wonderful addition to our lives, providing hilarious moments along with tender and sweet. The bond between us is special, and we enjoy the 5-15 years spent with them at our side. This Monday I recognize all the wonderful pets that enrich our lives and even our marriages, especially my two adorable cats (Tolstoy and Dostoevsky). Happy Monday!
Some favorites for you:
The awesome Beau, my parent's english bulldog.

My friend Tami's cat Graybie when she was just a kitten.

My sister's pug Figaro.

My friend Teresa's pretty golden retriever Bodie.

Nicole and Josh's little Howie (check out their engagement session to see more).

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  1. LOVE! Those little furry faces can really brighten up someone's day.
    xox alison


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