Monday, February 21, 2011

Marriage Mondays- When a client becomes a friend

One of the greatest joys in this profession is creating relationships and often a long term friendship with clients. Not only do I love getting to know each couple intimately and share in their awesome wedding adventures, but when I get to keep in touch and watch their families grow after the wedding it's extra sweet! I love getting the call or email announcing the news of a baby on the way (or even the addition of a new puppy or kitten). Any time that I have an opportunity to photograph a bride, groom, or family more than once, it is icing on the cake. I am very lucky to have such wonderful clients and friends!
Remember these two cuties? The adorable Willa and her little kitty friend Graybie?

In December we re-united them for more photos, one year after our first session.

Willa- you are so adorable! I can't wait to meet your new baby sister.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Renew The Woo

This photo shoot is really special... not only did I get to work with a former bride- the awesome Jolene Sullivan of Delicate Creature event planning, but we had a blast creating these beautiful images in the gorgeous setting of New Buffalo, MI. A little info from the event planner herself: "This Midwest-inspired photo-shoot celebrates the romance that comes after the vows. A weekend get-away to a nature-inspired location, a casually playful breakfast for two, and a colorfully festive picnic of beer, cheese and pie... all charming ways to Renew the Woo and keep the magic alive." With Valentine's day right around the corner, and being huge advocates of love and marriage, what better way to celebrate and "renew the woo" than to do something special with the one you love!

Shoot Location: Rabbit Run Inn, Sawyer, MI+Chikaming Township Preserve, Union Pier, MI
Photographer: Maypole Studios, Chicago
Concept & Styling: Delicate Creature, Chicago
Renew the Woo Flag Designs: Shimmer Studio, Chicago
Breakfast Pretzel Bagels: Hannah's Bretzel, Chicago
Picnic Beer Growler: Piece Brewery, Chicago
Picnic Pie: Froehlich's, Three Oaks, MI
"Lucky in Love" sign: Baumbirdy, Chicago
Models: Rachel Niffenegger, Jeremy Tinder
(and big thanks to Jamie Hartley for being an awesome photo assistant on only a couple of hours sleep)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marriage Mondays- Little Tikes

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby... although not always in that order, there is no doubt that children are a wonderful addition to any relationship, and to life in general. I have yet to venture into parenthood, but I am fully loving living vicariously through my brother an sister. I now have 2 nephews and 1 niece, and because I have the biggest camera it is my duty to document them every time I make a visit. It's actually such a privilege to be the primary photographer of the family, I love focusing my lens on these cuties! I spent a quick weekend with the family a couple of weeks ago and we brought all the babies together. Propping up 3 little ones for a photo (3 months, 6 months, and 2 years old) was almost impossible. Even with 4 grown-ups behind me making all kinds of cooing noises and funny faces, we struggled to achieve smiles from all 3. Unfortunately tears were shed and we eventually gave up, but it was a valiant effort! Whether they are laughing or red in the face from crying, you can't help but let your heart melt when they are around.

Little River was first:

Add in the cousins...

So close, but not quite.

Molly was quite the entertainer.

Big hugs and lots of love for my favorite kids Molly, River and Logan.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Indie Wed 2011

Love, Lulu Mae and Maypole Studios teamed up again, this time sharing an awesome booth at Indie Wed. If you don't already know, Indie Wed is the most unique wedding show in Chicago, featuring all of my favorite people in the wedding industry. We were thrilled to be a part of it, and somehow we managed to move furniture, accessories, and photos into our 8x8 foot space, and set it all up in less than 2 hours! Talk about teamwork! Our booth featured a bride/groom cut where our guests could pose for a polaroid, an awesome vintage TV cabinet with streaming video provided by 3 line 9, photography by me, and beautiful vintage-inspired accessories by Agnes of Love Lulu Mae. We had a wonderful time meeting with brides, grooms, and other wedding industry professional for 6 hours, and then packed it all up again! What a great experience, and I hope to be a part of the next one. We love Indie Wed! (Big thanks: Matt Miles for his awesome carpenter skills and overall assistance/support, Jessica McCloud for being the coolest queen of vintage and handler of the polaroid camera, Christin Boulette Dorton for being a gorgeous "cigarette" girl and spreading the word about us around the room, Caitlin Carlino for being an adorable spokesperson and lending her muscles for the set up and break down, Jeremy Bircher for supporting Love Lulu Mae and Maypole Studios photography, scoring an awesome vintage TV, and rocking some major cool video via 3 line 9 productions, and most of all to Agnes for being such an amazing artist and friend- I love you to pieces!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kisses and snow, a winter wedding for Sarah & Matt

Sarah and Matt were so excited to get married, not only did they plan a spectacular day from top to bottom, but they proved that December in Chicago is not off limits for a wedding. Matt, being an ultra romantic, had flowers delivered to Sarah every hour before the ceremony, filling the house with roses while the girls got ready. Sarah was the definition of grace, a gorgeous winter bride all the way down to the snow boots. They both exchanged wonderful smiles throughout the ceremony, and then lots and lots of kisses. Off to the reception and time to party! And party we did, all night long to the wonderful music provided by David Rothstein. There is no doubt that everyone had a great time, from the hilarious speeches, to the antics on the dance floor. What an awesome wedding, huge congrats to Sarah and Matt, you are the best thing! (photography by Bethany Fritz, second shooter: Jamie Hartley, David Rothstein Music, Bolingbrook Golf Club)

And the roses kept coming...

The bridesmaids started a scrapbook for Sarah with interviews from Matt.

The dress hanging in her childhood bedroom.

Matt teared up when he saw his bride.

Many thanks to the bartender that let us interrupt his set up to take these great pics.

Love this!

Time to party!

And then we ended the night with a bride/groom snowball fight.

Congrats Sarah and Matt!
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