Thursday, February 3, 2011

Indie Wed 2011

Love, Lulu Mae and Maypole Studios teamed up again, this time sharing an awesome booth at Indie Wed. If you don't already know, Indie Wed is the most unique wedding show in Chicago, featuring all of my favorite people in the wedding industry. We were thrilled to be a part of it, and somehow we managed to move furniture, accessories, and photos into our 8x8 foot space, and set it all up in less than 2 hours! Talk about teamwork! Our booth featured a bride/groom cut where our guests could pose for a polaroid, an awesome vintage TV cabinet with streaming video provided by 3 line 9, photography by me, and beautiful vintage-inspired accessories by Agnes of Love Lulu Mae. We had a wonderful time meeting with brides, grooms, and other wedding industry professional for 6 hours, and then packed it all up again! What a great experience, and I hope to be a part of the next one. We love Indie Wed! (Big thanks: Matt Miles for his awesome carpenter skills and overall assistance/support, Jessica McCloud for being the coolest queen of vintage and handler of the polaroid camera, Christin Boulette Dorton for being a gorgeous "cigarette" girl and spreading the word about us around the room, Caitlin Carlino for being an adorable spokesperson and lending her muscles for the set up and break down, Jeremy Bircher for supporting Love Lulu Mae and Maypole Studios photography, scoring an awesome vintage TV, and rocking some major cool video via 3 line 9 productions, and most of all to Agnes for being such an amazing artist and friend- I love you to pieces!)

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  1. I love the time lapse!! Amazing :) Indie Wed was so much fun :)


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