Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I won a contest!

We can all easily admit that it feels great to win something, whether it be as small as a cup of coffee or as big as a car or house. I was recently informed that I won a contest I entered on Valentine's day. I did not think I stood a chance to win, it was a national contest among wedding vendors sponsored by the lovely blog Mywedding.com. I was drawn to the quirkiness of the prize, and now that I have won it, I am realizing that it surpasses my first impression as a very unique and rare opportunity. So... drum roll please... I won a Love Bike! You may ask what is a love bike? It is an awesome, heart-shaped bike for two, even more romantic and cute than a classic tandem bike. The artist who created this bike (Eric Stellar) is know for his invention of the Conference Bike, he makes these wonderful contraptions in Amsterdam, and there are only 10 Love Bikes in the whole world! It turns out that I will be the second person in the United States to have a Love Bike, and there is a catch. In order to accept this prize, I am required to photograph a couple with the bike. I can certainly do that! Not only will this be a great prop for an engagement session, but how cute would it be for a bride and groom to pedal this thing around Chicago? Or what if I can talk my husband into riding it with me for this year's "bike the drive"? The possibilities are endless. I say bring on the couples! Whether you're a bride, groom, a client of mine or not, let me know if you might like to give the Love Bike a spin. And if you see me and my Love Bike around town, be sure to say hi!

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  1. Bethany! This is amazing! Chico and I definitely want to take a spin! Congrats! :)


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