Monday, March 28, 2011

Marriage Mondays- For the love of polaroid

I purchased the Fujifilm Instax 210 camera this past January and am still loving it, on almost a daily basis. I keep it on my kitchen counter so it's always nearby when friends come over. It seems funny to me to see the various digital replicas via the Iphone, all of a sudden everyone wants their cell phones to mimic the classic light leaks of the Holga, or even have the border and noticeable overexposure of a Polaroid. I certainly don't begrudge anyone for using these effects, in fact it has given way to more artistic images (and is much more pleasant to see on facebook than the typical out-of-focus shot from a mobile device). However, there is nothing that compares to pressing the shutter and hearing that wonderful whirring sound as the camera spits out your photo, or the anticipation as you wait for the image to slowly develop. Sure, I know the quality isn't the greatest, especially with the inconsistent flash leaving you with extreme under and over exposures in most of your images. Not to mention the terrible parallax error, making it nearly impossible to properly compose the shot and not chop anyone's head off. But all of these lovely imperfections are what make this camera so fun. As the stack of polaroids on my counter grows, the more fun I have looking through them all... a night spent hanging with friends, or maybe my husband making dinner, or of my cats curled up for a nap. I know I can just as easily take photos of these moments with my cell phone or take out my Canon, but it just wouldn't be the same. Polaroids are just plain fun, and everyone smiles when they get passed around the room. Here are some scans of a few recent polaroids taken, nothing fancy but that's the whole point.

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