Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marriage Mondays- When friends succeed

As many of you know, my husband is a very talented music producer (stranded on a planet). When he works with an artist on a record, it is a long process (many months and sometimes years), and with so many hours spent together it is no surprise that strong bonds and friendships are formed. I usually have a front row seat throughout the record making process, and find myself gaining new friends as well. I have had the pleasure of photographing many of these talented musicians, and it is always such a thrill to see everything come together and their careers take flight. One friend in particular, Amirah Ali, is making waves across the globe. Not only is she beautiful on the inside and out, but her songs are stellar- she is not afraid to create a beautiful melody with serious subject matters, she wants her music to carry a message for fellow Malaysians as well as the rest of the world. Her talents deserve recognition, and I am thrilled to see that happening. I will admit that it's quite exciting to see the photos we created together appearing in large scale for her performances and in the press, I feel privilieged to have contributed in a small way to help her on her music journey. But my hat really goes off to Scott, my husband, for his wonderful work on the songs. His instrumentation and production brings the music to life, and when you add in Amirah's vocals you have an awesome creation. I am positive that there are great things in store for Amirah, and as with all my friends, I wish her boundless success and happiness. Amirah- sending you a big hug from Chicago all the way to Malaysia!

A recent feature in Marie Claire:

Cover for her EP, and also the backdrop for a live performance in Malaysia.

Behind the scenes video for her upcoming short film/music video, it's going to be awesome!

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  1. I am Amirah's number 1 fan! =)

    Zulhilmi Hassan


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