Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dressing up with Sarah Church

I love vintage clothing, but when I met Sarah I realized her collection far surpasses me and my friends combined! She is also a mega-talented clothing designer, creating edgy pieces perfect for a rocker, or re-vamped vintage (literally ripped apart and sewn back into a brand new design). I love them all! She is preparing to launch her new line of clothes, complete with new website, so we got together with 3 lovely ladies, an amazing hair and makeup team, and took some photos. The results are hot!
Clothing Designer: Sarah Church
Models: Annemarie Sagoi, Crystal Petruk, Elan Eden
Makeup: Claire Latronica
Hair: Suzy Zuzia Galazka
Location: Auxilary Art Center (operated by Jeffrey Walschon)

Sarah and the girls.

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