Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing the Love Bike!

Ladies and gentleman... meet the latest addition to Maypole Studios Photography, the Love Bike!  Some of you may remember my post a couple of months ago about winning this very unique bicycle for two.  I have been meaning to use this wonderful bike in a photoshoot but due to inclimate weather things were rescheduled a number of times.  At last the photo shoot has been accomplished and is ready to share!  Not only did we have an adorable photo session in the park, complete with a picture-perfect picnic created by Beth Bernstein of SQN Events, but Jeremy of 3line9 created this amazing video.  So sit back and enjoy!
Photography: Bethany Fritz/Maypole Studios
Videography: Jeremy Bircher (assisted by Jaron Tauch)/3line9 productions
Stylist/Planner: Beth Bernstein (assisted by Ashley Crawford) /SQN Events
Flowers: Kelly Marie/Fleur
Hair/Makeup: Nika Vaughan/Nika Vaughan
Signage: Laura of Elizabeth Grace
Models: Andi Reich, David Diamond, The Love Bike

the love bike | maypole studios from 3 line 9 productions on Vimeo.

Here are some of the behind the scenes:
Jaron guarded the bike while we set things up.
Nika put the finishing touches on Andi's hair.
Jeremy readied the cameras.
Ashley even loaned Andi her earrings.
And action!
Beth and Ashley set up the picnic.
The Crew.
Beth and Ashley took the bike for a spin around Wicker Park.
They were stopping traffic.
Jeremy showed off his longboard skills to get some shots from alongside.
Beth and Ashley are so cute!
What an awesome photo/video shoot! Huge thanks to all who helped put this together.


  1. Absolutely fabulous...the video, the photos, all the participants ... the total look! What total fun and lovely details. You all are pros! I'm so very happy to have this for such fond memories well into the future and positively can't wait for the wedding and what those photos might capture! By: Mother of the Bride

  2. This photo shoot is off the hook! AMAZING! Congrats on the debut of the Love Bike!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, what an adorable shoot! :-D Love the love bike!


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