Thursday, June 16, 2011

Julia & Mark are engaged!

This engagement session was extra special. Not only are Julia and Mark super fun, but they also have a great story. They met through the classifieds on The Onion, and he even used the famous Chicago puppet bike to propose! They are wonderfully unique, quirky, and totally adorable. I was so excited when Julia approached me about her idea for this photo session. They had just moved in together, which we all know is a huge step in the relationship, and they were having a great time setting up their new place. While visiting her parents she had an idea: "I was sort of laughing-off how creative we’ve had to be to make some things work… my Dad got descriptive on their first bathroom, how they didn’t care for a second that it didn’t have a door, but a curtain, for privacy. They never complained because they were so excited to have their first place together. And it got me thinking – I wish they had photos. So I thought the engagement photos would be an awesome place to show our future kid that, ‘Hey, we all start somewhere and look at how Mom and Dad started." So we had a relaxed afternoon, featuring the various nooks of their new home together and their awesome accessories. Then we finished up with a drink at the "California Clipper," one of their favorite watering holes. What an awesome day!

They were taking care of her mom's dog, and he wanted to be a part of the photos.
They have great accessories.
Julia is also a talented painter.
Mark serenaded Julia on the mandolin.
Then he showed off his talents on the guitar.
They have great taste in stationary.
A nightcap at the Clipper.
Thanks Julia and Mark for a wonderful evening, I can't wait for your wedding later this year!

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  1. Great pictures of Julia and Mark! The dog is cute too. :)


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