Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marriage Mondays- Get creative!

Being in the wedding business and photographing weddings almost every weekend, you can imagine that I see some similarities, but the real beauty is in what makes each couple unique. Those special personal details are what make my job so very enjoyable, especially when the bride or groom decides to steer away from tradition and do something all their own. I am continually surprised by the wonderful people I work with, they realize that a wedding is all about the fun. After all, you are surrounded by the people you love the most, how awesome is that? I thought I would share two great moments from recent weddings that gave me quite a kick. First, Allie and Pedro rode the love bike into their reception as they were announced. Fabulous!
Second, Hope wanted a full length wedding dress for her ceremony but knew that later in the evening she would want to dance with her friends without restriction. So she found a convertible dress! Around 10:30pm her bridesmaids pulled off the bottom of her dress, creating the ultimate wedding mini-dress. Love it!
Big thanks to all the wonderful couples that make my job the coolest ever!

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