Friday, August 5, 2011

Femia and Tony- part 1

Remember that crazy hail storm we had a couple weeks ago? I was scheduled to meet with Femia and Tony the following morning, and the sky was ominous! Despite the weather, we met at promontory point for their engagement session. The wind was wild, but they didn't let it stop them from enjoying our beautiful surroundings as well as some quality time together. They are a gorgeous couple, and our unique backdrop was a great addition our photos (I already knew they would be terrific!) They walked along the rocky shore line while the waves crashed below, then they ran through the grassy field and found some cover in an old stone structure when it began to rain. Although we will be getting together again this weekend for a follow up photo shoot, I am so thrilled with the way these photos turned out. Two beautiful people in love- even a hail storm can't mess with that!
Check out these clouds!
I "heart" this.
Tony showed off his heel clicking skills.
Congrats Femia and Tony! See you both again for part 2.

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